The 2nd Annual TrailRecon Summit!
An Off-Road & Overlanding Event in Palo Duro Canyon for all TrailRecon Fans!
October 4th - 8th, 2023!


The event

TrailRecon Summit 2
off-roading & Overlanding EVENT

Adventure for the Whole Family!

Join us for an action-packed four-day, three-night off-road & overland event that guarantees excitement for everyone. Set amidst the stunning Palo Duro Canyon, the second-largest canyon in North America, TrailRecon Summit 2 offers an unparalleled experience for all TrailRecon fans and outdoor enthusiasts.

The vip event!

Join this exclusive 2-day 1-night VIP opportunity to spend time with Brad and Regena in an intimate group setting at MERUS Adventure™ park. 
This VIP experience is limited to 15 rigs that will be running trails together and overlanding to the exclusive Meadows camp area at MERUS where you will set up camp with Brad and Regena. This is a site in the canyon that has no cell service or distractions and offers a real opportunity to build relationships. 
We will have internationally trained Chefs preparing and cooking an incredible meal right at camp for you to share with the group and spend some fun time with camp games and conversations with Brad and Regena around the fire pit. 
The following day you will have coffee with Brad and Regena. After breakfast, Dirk (the founder of MERUS Adventure Park) will lead the group on an exclusive caving and offroad expedition to visit multiple cave sites in the park. 
We will have a self-serve lunch on the trail and head back up to the top to join the rest of TrailRecon Summit attendees around 2 PM. 
Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share an intimate overlanding and adventure experience with Brad and Regena! 

What to expect

Thrilling Off-Roading

Embark on guided group trail runs led by Brad, Regena, and the MERUS team. Conquer challenging terrains, overcome thrilling obstacles, and immerse yourself in the pure thrill of off-roading at its finest. Trails cater to all skill levels, ensuring an exhilarating experience for everyone.

Amazing Community

Immerse yourself in the TrailRecon community during daily gatherings. Savor the rich aroma of morning coffee as you connect with fellow off-roaders, share stories, and build lasting friendships. Come together for nightly community dinners and create memories that will stand the test of time.

Family-Friendly Adventures

TrailRecon Summit caters to the whole family. Bring your loved ones along to experience the joy of off-roading. Guided trail runs designed for all skill levels ensure that every member of the family can participate and create unforgettable moments together.

Exploration of Palo Duro

Discover the raw beauty of Palo Duro Canyon's sprawling 6,000 acres. Navigate the trails, witness breathtaking vistas, and immerse yourself in nature's grandeur. Explore hidden caves, embark on awe-inspiring hikes, and let the canyon's wonders captivate your senses.


Click Below for the 2023 Schedule!

who will be there?

The TrailRecon Summit is being hosted by an awesome team-up between MERUS Adventure™ and TrailRecon!

Brad and Regena Kowitz from TrailRecon are excited to join and guide you in an epic adventure at MERUS Adventure™!

This event is for all TrailRecon fans and off-road/overlanding enthusiasts! All skill levels of adventurers are welcome to join Brad and Regena for a phenomenal weekend exploring and cultivating community!

Join the adventure!

Come out and join TrailRecon and other fans for a weekend of amazing experiences and adventures!

All ticket sales are final and refunds cannot be issued. 

The Location

MERUS Adventure™ at Palo Duro Canyon

MERUS Adventure™ is a 6,500+ acre private property in Palo Duro Canyon. This property offers exposed terrain from 4 different geological time periods creating incredible colors and a variety of surface materials.

You’ll traverse Sand, Sandstone, Red Dirt, Rock, Stone, Clay, and more in rapidly shifting environments. With most elevation gains ranging from 100 to 500 feet, there are ample opportunities for solid climbs and descents.

We started with a vision to redefine what a premium outdoor experience could be like. To build a park that nourishes the adventurous spirit. A place where friends and families could come together and where new lifelong friendships are formed. A place where we challenge ourselves to push harder, climb higher, ride faster, and unleash some adrenaline.

What started as a vision is now well on the way to becoming the premier outdoor recreation park in Texas and competing to be one of the top in the country.

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Based on 258 reviews
dan perrin
dan perrin
July 7, 2023.
Awesome park, really fun
Samuel Painter
Samuel Painter
July 7, 2023.
Great off road park! Beautiful scenery!
James Pritchard
James Pritchard
June 12, 2023.
Went out here with a group of friends with a very diverse group of vehicles, two Jeeps, one Tundra, One Tacoma, an F150 and two Land Rovers (one of which had no low range!!) and we had a great time. At some point we took a wrong turn and ended up on a black trail when we intended on only going on green and blue trails. It was rough but using teamwork we made it through! We camped two nights and the Merus staff did everything to brief us on their safety measures and accommodations. The lady at the front desk was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. If you're looking for a great place to camp and wheel, anything from mild to wild, look no further than Merus!!
Stephen Kick
Stephen Kick
June 11, 2023.
Awesome trip. Guide on the Green tour was great. Definitely going back.
June 8, 2023.
This place is amazing. It has trails that fit any rig from stock to buggy and everything in between. I attended the Texas Toyota Takeover and spent 4 days in the park and may have seen a 10th of the park. Check the website for details about amenities. There is an office building near the front gate that has 2 bathrooms with shower open 24/7 if you’re doing a primitive camp. There are other off-road parks that say they are the best in Texas but this place will soon become the number one spot. Highly recommend spending a few days out there. You won’t regret it.
David Slaten
David Slaten
June 7, 2023.
An amazing place to escape the urban grind and drive as challenging of a 4WD trail as you wish to explore. The staff are incredibly friendly and focused on creating a great learning and adventurous environment.
June 6, 2023.
Merus is absolutely amazing and it's getting better every time I visit. New facilities, camp grounds, cabins, glamping, hiking trails and off road trails are popping up every couple months. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Thank you Merus crew for opening and maintaining such a wonderful place and allowing people to truly experience Palo Duro Canyon without litter, without trash, and without obnoxious noise. Instead you get peaceful nature, clean facilities, no litter, and beautiful landscape. This place is truly amazing and I am excited to come back very soon.
Kasey Harris
Kasey Harris
May 29, 2023.
Attended MAP’s first Adventure Her event and had the best time ever. The scenery and place is mesmerizing. Gorgeous canyons. Even though it rained and was cold and windy the first night, the staff and owners were extremely present and attentive to help provide anyone with assistance following the storm. They even gave my friend an additional air mattress to borrow. The Jeep trails are pristine and dedicated only to off road vehicles (no bikes or motorcycles). There were 101 classes, spotters and safety protocols that made the weekend feel fun but safe. Absolutely will be at this place again and again. Can’t wait for their new camping sites to open!

Questions you might have

The TrailRecon Summit has a rig capacity of 80 vehicles, so we encourage you to reserve your spot early. Registration will close on October 2nd, 2023.

The cost of registration includes camping fees at our designated event camping location. If you wish to reserve one of our specific campsites, you will need to make a reservation separate from the event registration. Click here to book a campsite.

Yes, the summit event will have a base camp setup.

All event camping will be boondocking. As development progresses at the park, any RV hookups will be made available through making reservations here.

At this time, showers are not available. There will be restroom facilities available.

Yes, we will have water filling stations available to refill your water supply. 

We get it, there’s nothing better than gathering around the campfire after a day on the trails. However, MERUS Adventure™ is currently observing a strict fire ban. Propane cooktops are permitted and acceptable. NO WOOD, CHARCOAL, OR NATURAL BURNING FIRES ARE ALLOWED. 

In addition, we ask that smokers be prepared to distinguish their cigarettes/cigars in their vehicle. This park is precious to us and we work hard daily to protect it. If you are found to violate these rules, you will be reminded once then asked to leave the park on repeated instances. 

MERUS Adventure™ will provide all meals except one potluck dinner happening Friday night. Come prepared to cook your favorite camp meal and hang out with the group. Feel free to bring some to share if you’d like!

Be prepared to cook one dinner (the pot luck dinner) and 2 lunches. The rest of the meals are provided. However bring your own snacks also.

Absolutely! What is going to make this event so amazing is the opportunity for a great time for every skill level. Trail runs will be guided by MERUS Adventure™ tour guides who are ready to teach and help. In addition, the MERUS test track will be open to everyone wanting learn and get a feel for their vehicle before hitting the trails.

We will be splitting up the trails into Green (beginner), Blue (intermediate), and Black (expert) runs. You can join whatever level you feel comfortable with and you can upgrade each day as your level of comfort and experience grows.

MERUS is so much more than just an off-roading park. We offer world class camping, hiking, mountain biking, and more. 

However, our off-roading is limited to 4×4 vehicles only. 

Absolutely! We love having pets and furry family at the park. The canyon does provide many natural hazards, in addition to the many vehicles at this event. So for the safety of the animal, we do require pets to be leashed and in your full control at all times.

Open alcoholic beverages and consumption are prohibited in off-road-vehicles during use on trails, in public parking areas. Alcohol consumption is allowed in designated camping and event areas only. Violators will be asked to leave the event.