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What's Trail Building at MERUS Adventure™ Park all about?

At MERUS Adventure™ Park we have a vision for building the best trails in the country. We are building off-road wheeling trails, Overland style trails, MTB XC trails, and MTB free-ride trails.

We have an incredible park with amazing terrain. We’re ready to build some fun and challenging trails!

Here are some common questions…

  1. It’s Hard Work! Do not apply to be part of this crew if your idea of work is sitting around most of the time. We work hard and don’t ever complain about it!

  2. It’s fun. The crew loves to joke and laugh while working hard.

  3. You make new like-minded friends. It takes a special breed of person to work really hard outdoors building trails and not get paid for it. People do it because they want to build something special that will last and bless other people.

  4. We start early and on time. If you are late more than once, you’re off the crew.

    If you are still interested in being a trail builder at Merus after finding out its hard work, you don’t get paid, and you’re expected to show up on time. Then you are the kind of person we are looking for!

We will be building trails every weekend. We expect our official volunteer trail crew to be on-site and build at least once a month. If you can’t commit to the official trail building crew, you can still be a volunteer.

No, there are typically enough people with vehicles in the park and you should be able to find a ride with someone. You would just need to let us know your transportation ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.

  1. Trail crew gets special MERUS Adventure™ Swag!

  2. You get access to the park! We will typically run 90-day trail-building cycles. You can continue to be on the crew for as long as you like or choose a single 90-day commitment. Park access follows the 90-day cycle.

  3. You get access to ride/drive the new trails! .

  4. You get to learn about project management and team work. Building great trails is about working as a team to build a plan and executing the plan.

  5. You get some sweet exercise! Trail building is hard work that builds both your mind and body!

We will be building trails every weekend and expect the official volunteer trail crew to come to the park and build at least once a month. You can still volunteer from time to time, even if you can’t commit to being on the official trail building crew. You’d be a bonus to the official crew.

We will be supplying all the tools. However, if you like your tools better, feel free to bring them along. 

Quick Overview of MERUS Adventure™ Park

Park Size Icon

Park Size

Linear Acreage 5,412

Measured as the flat surface from survey marker to marker. No account for elevations.

Actual Usable Acreage 6,500+

Measured with the calculations of the huge total elevation gains and drops of the land. Which gives a measurement of actual usable terrain.

There are also 8 peninsula plateaus on the property creating massive privacy and give places to explore that are out of the line of sight.

Elevations Icon


Highest to lowest 900+- Feet

The base elevation at the rim of the canyon is 3,400 feet above sea level. The lowest point on the floor of the canyon at MERUS Adventure™ is 2,500 feet.

Most of the elevation gains range from 100 to 500 feet, creating ample opportunities for solid climbs and descents.

This also includes cliffs and ledges with up to 300 foot drops creating spectacular views of incredibly rough terrain.

Terrain Types Icon

Terrain Types

Palo Duro Canyon offers exposed terrain from 4 different geological time periods creating incredible colors and a variety of surface materials.

You’ll traverse Sand, Sandstone, Red Dirt, Rock, Stone, Clay, and more in rapidly shifting environments.

This creates a very unique experience on the trails.

The signature terrain is the red dirt floor of the canyon, if you’ve never wheeled/rode the red dirt, you are in for a real treat!

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Camping & Lodging

Currently Available all Members

Planned Development

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