MERUS Adventure™

Guided Cave Expeditions

Come experience the wonders of caving at MERUS Adventure™! Set out on an expedition into the canyon and nourish your adventurous spirit while you travel into a world full of history and beauty!

Welcome to the Merus Adventure Park Guided Trail Runs. Get ready for prime adventure, fun trails, and amazing views!

MERUS Adventure™ Park is the largest private adventure park in Texas, located in the Palo Duro Canyon just outside Amarillo TX.
We now offering exclusive access to the park though guided group 4x4 tours!

This guided tour will give you access to amazingly fun trails with beautiful views and a variety of terrain.

The guided tour will run trails on the rim with spectacular views, then drop into the heart of the canyon and seeing some incredible places that most people will never have access to.

Bring your vehicle and join a group of people of a similar skill level. We will provide the guide and enjoy an amazing off-road guided tour through MERUS Adventure™ Park!

What are the trails like?

We rate our tours according to our park trail rating system, this groups people with similar skill levels and vehicle build together. You can choose from the green, blue, or black levels.


Fully stock 4×4 vehicles are fine. No mods needed.


Some stock vehicles to slightly lifted vehicles with 32″ + tires.


2″+ lift kit with 35″+ tires recommended

What time do I need to be there?

For green and blue tours, it’s important that you be at the park by 9 am for a vehicle and gear check and a quick safety briefing. The tour will begin promptly at 9:30 am.

For black level tours, please arrive by 2:30. Tours will depart by 3:00.


The tour will last around 5 – 6 hrs so be sure to bring snacks and a sack lunch, we will stop at a beautiful spot to eat lunch out in the park.

Anything I need to prepare?

1) Make sure you fill your vehicle with fuel before heading to the park.

2) Bring plenty of water, it can get very hot during summer time in the park.

3) Ensure your vehicle is in good operating condition and your four-wheel drive is working properly.

4) You will need a GMRS radio. We do rent them for $7/day if needed.

5) We require every vehicle in the park to have a fire extinguisher on board, we sell them for $30 if you need one.

Recovery gear is always recommended in the park, but it is not necessary.

Every person in the vehicle will have to sign our park liability waiver and park rules before coming to the park. This will be included in your confirmation email once you reserve your spot.

MERUS Adventure™ offers trails from mild to wild, sand to rock, narrow to wide, and everything in between. Get ready for world class adventure at Merus on your guided tour!

Off-road vehicle restrictions

MERUS Adventure™ Park is open to full-sized vehicles that meet our restrictions. Open to all brands and models of full-size vehicles.

Stock and modified vehicles are welcome at the park. There are a few restrictions that do apply and we will be re-evaluating restrictions by end of summer 2021.

Tire Size Icon

42" Max Tire Size Restriction

Taken From manufacturer’s size guide on the tire. We had to draw the line somewhere. High horsepower, large tire vehicles easily destroy the land and can create 3-foot ruts that cause extreme erosion in the canyon. We may go up to a 44″ size tire by mid-summer after we see how things go.

Firewall Icon

Custom-Built Vehicles Must Have a Firewall.

Buggies and custom-built full-size vehicles are allowed in the park, however, they MUST have a firewall. This is for safety reasons and the protection of drivers and passengers.

Insurance icon

All Vehicles Must Be Insured

We understand that insurance may not cover you if you roll or damage your own vehicle, that’s not why we require it. We require it in the event you damage someone else’s vehicle whether in the parking lot, on a park road, or on the trails.

Loudness Icon

Vehicles Must Have an Exhaust within reasonable loudness.

We get it, it’s subjective. However, you know when you have a loud vehicle and nobody wants to hear you from across the canyon. No open headers, straight pipe, or glass packs. This park is for the enjoyment of all who come here.

It's time to play, relax, and enjoy life at the largest playground in Texas!