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Tent & Overland Camping

Get Back to Nature

Primitive Style Camping

Our tent and overland campsites are primitive style traditional camping at its best. Get back to nature under the Texas night sky. These are first come first serve.

MERUS Adventure™ offers over 25+ campsites that are suitable for either tent camping or small overland type trailers.

These sites are dispersed throughout the canyon and offer the choice to enjoy the sites from the rim of the canyon or enjoy the beauty of being down in the canyon itself.

We offer several different sizes of sites to accommodate different size parties. From cozy one person sites to large open group sites, we can accommodate your needs.

How to Book Your Trip


Our campsites are priced per vehicle per day.

Campsite capacities vary between 1-3 vehicles.

Adult and child park passes are priced per individual per day.

Site Selection

Campsites are divided into 2 main groups.

You may choose to camp on the canyon rim or down in the canyon.

All sites except Camp Point (canyon rim) require an off-road pass.

Off-Road Passes

Off-road passes can be added to any camping/lodging reservation.

Passes are per vehicle per day. No exceptions. (4x4 vehicle required).

Visit the add-ons page before finishing checkout to get your off-road passes.

4 or More Vehicles?

For groups of 4 or more vehicles, please visit our group booking page!

Camping Locations

On the Rim or Down in the Canyon

Rim Camping Sites

Camp Point and East Rise tent/overland sites. These sites are located on the rim of the canyon and offer spectacular views of Palo Duro Canyon and are quickly accessible from the park entrance. Enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Canyon Camping Sites

First Camp, Flat Lands, and Boots Off tent/overland sites. Drop down into the canyon and enjoy the thrill of camping in the beautiful and historical Palo Duro Canyon. Enjoy quick and easy access to the majority of our amazing trail systems.

PLEASE NOTE: Campsite fees, adult fees, and child fees are calculated during checkout based on the “guests” you input. Off-road passes must be added before checkout is complete if you plan to off-road.

ALL tent/overland sites except for Camp Point REQUIRE an off-road pass for each vehicle for each day.  

If the appropriate off-road passes are not added to your reservation during checkout, they will automatically be added by MERUS staff.


Park Passes

Park passes must be purchased in addition to camping spots.

Don't Forget

Things to Remember

Pack-In & Pack-Out

At MERUS, we take the cleanliness of our park extremely seriously as do our members. We ask that you do your part and always pack out what you pack in. Pick up your trash and dispose of it at the dumpsters provided at the park entrance.

There is a strict $250 fine for site cleanup!


These campsites are primitive! This means you must plan to bring everything you will need for your stay. Bathrooms are available at the park entrance. If you use the restroom at camp, all waste must be properly disposed of in safe containers or by burrying it sufficiently deep underground (min. 12").

No Fires!

We are still observing a fire ban at MERUS Adventure™. In the event that the fire ban is lifted, the use of naturally burning fire sources (wood, charcoal, etc.) is still strictly prohibited at the park.

There is a strict $500 fine per instance for breaking fire ban protocols!