MERUS Adventure™ Park


MERUS Adventure™ Park Rules of Engagement

The primary motivation at MERUS Adventure™ Park is to help our friends have fun, build relationships, and create unforgettable moments in the largest park of its kind in Texas. We must understand the expectations of behavior and be responsible for our actions while enjoying this amazing place in the Palo Duro Canyon. Please be kind and courteous so everyone can enjoy this one-of-a-kind place for generations to come.

Liability Waivers: All guests must sign MERUS Adventure™ Park waivers before entering the property. Failure to comply will result in the immediate removal of both members and guests until compliance has been met. Parents must sign a MERUS Adventure™ Park waivers on behalf of their minor children, before minors can enter the Park. You may not bring minors into the Park who are not your children unless their parents have also signed a MERUS Adventure™ Park waivers on their behalf. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

MERUS Adventure™ Park Hours


Guest hours vary according to the park calendar. Please check out our current and upcoming events for specific information.

Gates will remain closed outside of operating hours except for member access gates.

Member access

Members of MERUS Adventure™ have 24-hour access to the Park. Members must register their use of the Park and check-in/check-out using the member entrance gate keypad/swipe pad.

Office/Staff Hours

Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm


All members, guests of members, and day-use visitors of MERUS Adventure™ Park are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner. MERUS Adventure™ Park is a family-friendly place. Inappropriate language, aggressive and/or lewd behavior, or public intoxication will absolutely not be tolerated. Violators may be removed from MERUS Adventure™ Park and prohibited from returning.

Absolutely no hunting or discharging of firearms is permitted in the Park.
No open carrying of firearms is permitted on the Park.

MERUS Adventure™ Park reserves the right to revoke memberships due to violations of rules.

In addition, all members, guests of members, and day-use visitors of MERUS Adventure™ Park are expected to:

Vehicle requirements

Motorcycles, ATVs, nor Side x Sides are allowed in the Park at this time.

General Rules

Observe posted speed limits at all times. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in MERUS AdventureTM Park is 15 MPH. Protect all Park users and wildlife by obeying speed limits. All passengers must be seated inside the vehicle at all times. No individual(s) may ride in truck beds while on active trails or inside the Park at any time. Above all, use common sense and drive at speeds in accordance with your off-road equipment/training/abilities.

All members and guests of MERUS Adventure Park must yield at all times to any emergency vehicle.

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Respect your neighbors and celebrate nature’s night noises.

Keep wildlife wild. Do not feed or harass wildlife. Absolutely no hunting or trapping allowed.

We only allow dogs and registered Service Animals in the park. To protect your pet and Park wildlife please observing these regulations:

  • Dogs must have identification tags on them at all times and shall be fully vaccinated.
  • Dogs must be physically controlled at all times: they must be in a car, in a crate, or on a leash.
  • Aggressive behavior towards Park guests or their pets will not be tolerated.
  • Guests will be required to remove aggressive dogs from the Park immediately.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended or tied to objects without the owners present.
  • Dogs may not be left in a situation where food, water, shade, ventilation, and other basic needs are inadequate.
  • Owners must bag and dispose of their dog’s waste in designated camp areas and other

MERUS Adventure™ Park needs to be advised of any caches left inside the Park. Please check with MERUS AdventureTM Park headquarters before placing geocaches.

Drones shall be used only in main, open day-use areas and be respectful of other visitors in the park. Drones are prohibited to be flown over campsites or others and shall not infringe on the privacy of other parkgoers. No pictures for professional sale or use without express written permission from MERUS AdventureTM Park. FAA regulations must be followed for use of drones in the park.

Camping is allowed only on designated camp pads or sites. All campers must have a digital reservation before entering the Park.

Campfires are permitted in designated rings only to avoid wildfires. Burn bans must be observed. You may use containerized fuel stoves with a shut-off valve or on/off switch for cooking. Contact the MERUS Adventure™ Park for the latest in fire danger information.

All fires must be extinguished when leaving a campsite or before going to bed at night. Absolutely NO unattended fires are allowed.


Campers are allowed to bring their own firewood. Firewood can also be purchased at MERUS Adventure™ Park. No collection of natural wood, dead or alive, is allowed in any part of the Park.

Store your food in sealed and preferably locked containers at all times. Do not leave unattended food out while enjoying Park activities or overnight. All trash must be placed in garbage containers when away from the camp sites.

Please recycle appropriate litter and deposit trash in designated containers. Leaving no trace of your visit helps the Park remain beautiful and reduces the possibility of human/animal conflicts. Pack-in / pack-out.

Wastewater (both black and gray) can only be discharged at designated dump stations.

Hammock use is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Check with Park staff to ask about site-specific rules or requirements.
  • No permanent anchors such as screws or eyebolts may be used.
  • Trees must be at least 8″ in diameter at the point of strap contact to ensure they are strong enough to support the hammock.
  • Use of padding underneath straps to protect trees’ bark is required.
  • No more than two straps may be attached to a single tree.
  • Do not prune or cut plants to make way for hammocks.
  • Hang hammocks for overnight camping within the bounds of the assigned campsite.
  • Hammocks may not be attached to park structures such as shade shelters, lantern posts.


Sharing of membership access: Sharing your membership access with non-members is prohibited. Membership access is for immediate family members, AKA family unit ONLY. Signed waivers for all family members must be completed before entering the park. In the event members are determined to have shared access cards/codes with non-member(s), that member will immediately lose their membership privileges to MERUS Adventure™ Park without refund.

Definitions of family units (those allowed to be in the park with each membership level): Parents, guardians, children, and a single employed caregiver such as: personal care attendant (CPA), live-in caregiver/nanny, or Au Pair.