MERUS Adventure™ Park

Off-Road & Overlanding

MERUS Adventure™ is a multi-sport adventure park that offers off-roading and overlanding. We have hand built and machine built trails to offer a wide variety of wheeling on the already wide variety of terrain in the canyon. MERUS Adventure™ Park currently offers 38+ miles of off-road/ Overlanding trails and we have a goal set of 150 miles of trails by December 2022. We will have level 1-5 trails available for every skill level.


Fully stock 4×4 vehicles are fine. No mods needed


Some stock vehicles to slightly lifted vehicles with 32″ + tires


2″+ lift kit with 35″+ tires recommended

Highly Experienced

3″+ lifts, 37″+ tires and lockers recommended


High clearance vehicles, 40″+ tires, and lockers recommended

Electronic versions of our trails are available via the Gaia GPS app.

By downloading our folder, any new trails that we add will automatically get updated on your account.

Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions

No Motorcycles Icon

No Motorcycles

No ATV's Icon

No ATV's

No Side x Side Icon

No Side x Sides

MERUS Adventure™ Park is open to full-sized vehicles that meet our restrictions. Open to all brands and models of full-size vehicles.

Stock and modified vehicles are welcome at the park but there are a few restrictions that do apply:

Tire Size Icon

42" Max Tire Size Restriction

Taken From manufacturer’s size guide on the tire. We had to draw the line somewhere. High horsepower, large tire vehicles easily destroy the land and can create 3-foot ruts that cause extreme erosion in the canyon.

Firewall Icon

Custom-Built Vehicles Must Have a Firewall.

Buggies and custom-built full-size vehicles are allowed in the park, however, they MUST have a firewall. This is for safety reasons and the protection of drivers and passengers.

Insurance icon

All Vehicles Must Be Insured

We understand that insurance may not cover you if you roll or damage your own vehicle, that’s not why we require it. We require it in the event you damage someone else’s vehicle whether in the parking lot, on a park road, or on the trails.

Loudness Icon

Vehicles Must Have an Exhaust within reasonable loudness.

We get it, it’s subjective. However, you know when you have a loud vehicle and nobody wants to hear you from across the canyon. No open headers, straight pipe, or glass packs. This park is for the enjoyment of all who come here.

Off-road and overlanding videos

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MERUS Adventure™ offers trails from mild to wild,
sand to rock, narrow to wide,
and everything in between.

It's time to play, relax, and enjoy life at the largest playground in Texas!