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Off-Road & Overlanding at MERUS Adventure

MERUS Adventure™ Park is quickly becoming a "go to destination" in the US for EPIC level off-roading and overlanding.

What Makes MERUS So Unique for
Off-Roading and Overlanding?

1) We don't allow UTVs, ATVs, or Motorcycles

 Giving you a peaceful and quiet off-road and overlanding experience without worrying about people racing around you all day. Visitors continually comment about how nice it was not have to listen to loud exhausts and blaring music out on the trails and while camping.  

Dirt Bike

2) Our purposefully designed and built trials

We’ve done extensive work to design a world class trail system that gives you the true feeling of being in the deep back country. Trails are mostly  hand built although we have a few machine built trails and they are all built with MANY obstacles to give you amazing thrills at every level of experience.

3) Our Incredible Piece of Heaven in Palo Duro Canyon

MERUS Adventure is located in Palo Duro Canyon on one of the most rugged and beautiful ranches in the state of Texas.  The views and terrain is something you won’t be able to get enough of while visiting the park. It’s a truly epic experience    

How to Off-Road/Overland

at MERUS Adventure™?

Get Day Passes

We are open to the public Thursdays -Sundays Weekly. Grab your day passes and come play. You can also book accommodations and spend multiple days at the park.

Join a Tour

Come join a guided off-road tour and enjoy a day out on the trails! Tours take place every Saturday at the park and it's a great way to come visit and not have to worry about a thing. Your guide will lead all the way and even spot you if needed.

Come with a Group

Get a group of at least 4 rigs together and come enjoy some off-roading at the park! We offer packages from 1 Day all the way to 4 Day/3 Nights.

What are the trails like?

Our Trail Rating System


Fully stock 4×4 vehicles are fine. No mods needed


Some stock vehicles to slightly lifted vehicles with 32″ + tires

Black Diamond

2″+ lift kit with 35″+ tires recommended

Double Black Diamond

3″+ lifts, 37″+ tires and lockers recommended


High clearance vehicles, 40″+ tires, and lockers recommended and expert drivers only

We have trails for every skill and vehicle build. 

We currently have;

  • 9 Green Trails 
  • 13 Blue Trails 
  • 7 Black Trails 
  • 3 Double Black Trails
  • 1 Purple Tail 

For a total of of 33 trails and 48.4 miles. There are enough trials to keep you busy everyday for a week. 

Stay Up to Date With Our Trails

Electronic versions of our trails are available via the Gaia GPS app. You may also download PDFs of our trails. Paper copies are available for purchase at our office.

Looking for a Jeep Rental to Hit the Trails?

Up for an EPIC challenge?

Want to earn the most prestegious off-road badge in the united states?

Some Rules

Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions

MERUS Adventure™ Park is open to full-sized vehicles that meet our restrictions. Open to all brands and models of full-size vehicles. Stock and modified vehicles are welcome at the park but there are a few restrictions that do apply:

43" Max Tire Size Restriction

Taken From manufacturer’s size guide on the tire. We had to draw the line somewhere. High horsepower, large tire vehicles easily destroy the land and can create 3-foot ruts that cause extreme erosion in the canyon.

Custom-Built Vehicles Must Have a Firewall.

Buggies and custom-built full-size vehicles are allowed in the park, however, they MUST have a firewall. This is for safety reasons and the protection of drivers and passengers.

All Vehicles Must Be Insured

We understand that insurance may not cover you if you roll or damage your own vehicle, that’s not why we require it. We require it in the event you damage someone else’s vehicle whether in the parking lot, on a park road, or on the trails.

Vehicles Must Have an Exhaust within reasonable loudness

We get it, it’s subjective. However, you know when you have a loud vehicle and nobody wants to hear you from across the canyon. No open headers, straight pipe, or glass packs. This park is for the enjoyment of all who come here.

Important Things To Know Before You Show Up

GMRS Radio

We require every vehicle to have a GMRS radio. We do rent them for $7/day if needed.

Fire Extinguisher

We require every vehicle in the park to have a fire extinguisher on board. We sell them for $30 if you need one.

Recovery Gear

Be sure to have all the appropriate recovery gear you may need. A winch, tow rope, and soft shackles are strongly encouraged.

Fuel Up

Make sure your vehicle is full of fuel and if you are staying multiple days it's always a good idea to bring extra!


Everyone (including children) in your vehicle must have a waiver signed prior to the start of the tour.

Client Testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
October 17, 2023.
We had an amazing time exploring Merus. Molly was wonderful in directing off-roading novices with kids to the best parts of the park. My kids (ages 3 and 6) had a blast both in the car and exploring Elon's Mars on foot. We will definitely be back and plan to stay longer next time!
Eric Fink
Eric Fink
October 16, 2023.
I did an intermediate tour and it was fantastic. Lots of interesting and challenging obstacles in a beautiful location. Our tour guide Jeff was very helpful and knowledgeable. We stayed in one of their cabins and everything about the cabin was great. Comfortable bed, great shower and bathroom, and it even has Heat and AC. Would definitely stay here again and do the intermediate tour again.
Grace Marie Meléndez Fernández
Grace Marie Meléndez Fernández
October 16, 2023.
AMAZING place! My husband and I went to camp out of our truck bed and do some off-roading. The guided trail tour was the highlight of our trip. Whether you are experienced in technical trails or just a beginner, these tours are a sure way to have an awesome day with others who love adventure and challenges as well! The Merus community is kind, helpful and fun, made the trip up from Houston totally worth it!
Cass Robinson
Cass Robinson
October 11, 2023.
Great camping spot! The views to the canyon from our site were gorgeous. Got to see sunset and sunrise. The staff was super helpful with making our reservations and moving it up a day. Definitely recommend this camping spot. You do not need to off road to enjoy it. We will be coming back.
Blythe Sitton
Blythe Sitton
October 1, 2023.
Have been coming out to Merus since 2021. Every time has been an absolute blast. They are adding new amenities and making it even better. Highly recommend.
Louise Hayes
Louise Hayes
September 25, 2023.
We stayed in an Arch Cabin at MERUS Adventure for the first time and what a wonderful stay we had. The cabin was well equipped with everything we needed! The staff provided 5 star service and nothing compares to the views of Palo Duro Canyon from the large deck!! Could NOT ask for a BETTER experience!!
Delletta Adams
Delletta Adams
September 25, 2023.
I brought my son and 3 friends for his 17th birthday. We camped at site F on the rim of the canyon and the view was breathtaking!!! The office staff were so friendly and informative. There are two bathrooms behind the office that are like legit home bathrooms, wonderful shower head, super clean. We will definitely be coming back and we have several friends and family members who will be visiting as well!
Callen Pinkerton
Callen Pinkerton
September 25, 2023.
Great place to go off roading. Great staff beautiful landscapes. The tours are awesome and the guides are super helpful and informative. No better place in the state to visit.