MERUS Adventure™ Park


Become a member of the most vast and untouched private park in Texas!

Get Exclusive Access to the Premier Adventure Park in Texas

MERUS Members are amazing individuals who believe in the common vision and values of Nourishing The Adventurous Spirit™ in the beautiful outdoors.

Members come together as families and friends to play at the park, make new friends, and take on some epic new challenges. It’s the culture of MERUS Adventure™ and the reason we exist.

MERUS Adventure™ Park offers

2 levels of membershiP


Get Exclusive Access to the Park
INCLUDES: Hiking and Mountain Biking trail access to the park. There are 3 Parking areas on the rim to choose from to access the trails.
$ 297 /Year
  • 1 Year Membership
  • 365 Access to the Park for Hiking and Mountain Biking
  • First access to new trails before public openings
  • Member-only gate for fast access into the park
  • MERUS Swag Pack
  • 25% off special MERUS events at the park
  • Members only online community
  • Join in on guided rides or hikes free of charge
  • Free camping 4x/year during Member community weekends
  • 30% off camp site bookings year-round
Narrow road for jeeps and ATVs

MERUS Adventure™ Club Membership

Get Exclusive Full Access to the Park!
INCLUDES: Off-roading, Hiking, and Mountain Biking access to the park. Drive your vehicle on all the rim trails and the canyon trail and road system. You can also drive to special designated primitive Overlanding and tent campsites in the park.
$ 847 /Year
  • 1 Year Membership
  • 365 Access to the park for off-road, hiking and mountain biking
  • Member only gate for fast access
  • First access to new trails before public openings
  • 30% off camp site reservations, year-round
  • MERUS Swag Pack
  • Members only online community
  • 50% off special MERUS events at the park
  • Free camping 4x/year during member community weekends
  • Join in on guided trail tours for free

Members have 365 Access to the Park!

Members do not have to reserve a day pass. But we do ask that you kindly reserve your camp sites, and reserve day passes for any guests that you will be bringing.

It's time to play, relax, and enjoy life at the largest playground in Texas!