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Hiking & Backpacking

MERUS Adventure™ Park has over 5,400 Acres of EPIC Hiking and Backpacking Terrain and 900 Feet of elevation creating spectacular views!

Our hiking trails cover a wide variety of terrain and offer something for everyone. Whether you are interested in a casual walk along the rim of the canyon or wanting to get after it with challenging descents and boulders to climb over, we have you covered!

Our Hike and & Bike daypasses allow you to utilize our hiking and biking trails for one day and can be added on to any kind of camping reservation (tent/overland, RV, cabin, etc.) You need a pass for every day you intend to enjoy the trails.

How to Go Hiking?

Camping Reservation

Day passes can be added on to any type of camping reservation (tent/overland, RV, cabin, etc.) These passes cover access to the park, hiking trails, and biking trails. These do not include access to the off-road trails.

Come with a Group

Anytime you book a group trip to MERUS, your price of admission covers the use of all trails at the park. So, even if you came to off-road/overland for the weekend, take some time to experience our hiking and biking trails!

Become a Member

Our Adventure Club membership has it all! Enjoy our off-road/overland trails as well as our complete systems of hiking and biking trails when you become a MERUS member.

What are the trails like?

MERUS Adventure™ Trail Rating System


Easy enough for all experience levels (family-friendly) yet beautiful enough to take your breath away.


A challenging and rewarding adventure. Get your heart rate up while enjoying nature at it's best.


Fortune favors the bold! Experience and steady nerves are a must. But the reward is well worth the work!

Epic Adventure Awaits

Hiking and Backpacking Trails

Day Hiking

If you're looking to get out in nature and away from the city for a bit, we have you covered. We offer plenty of trails on top of the canyon that allow you miles of dirt to get your hiking boots on and experience views of Palo Duro you can't find anywhere else! Hikers are also allowed to enjoy the miles of bike trails at MERUS, just keep in mind that bikers have the right of way.


If you're looking to step things up a bit, we offer challenging hikes that take you down into the canyon and provide you with plenty of challenges and allow you to make a backpacking adventure out of it. Backpack down to one of our amazing campsites, enjoy a night under the stars, wake up and keep exploring!

Family-Friendly Hikes

MERUS Adventure™ always has been and always will be family-friendly! We strongly believe in getting families back into nature together and forming memories to last a lifetime. We have plenty of trails that are friendly to your kids but exciting enough to keep you entertained. Bring the family and experience adventure together!

Be Up to Date

Electronic versions of our trails are available via the Gaia GPS app. You may also download PDFs of our trails. Paper copies are available for purchase at our office.

By downloading our folder, any new trails that we add will automatically get updated on your account.

know Before You Show

GMRS Radio

We don't require hikers to have a GMRS radio but we strongly encourage it for your safety! These can be rented at the front office!


Always bring plenty of water! Within Palo Duro Canyon, the official recommendation is to carry one quart of water per person, per mile.

Proper Equipment

Make sure you have sturdy reliable equipement from your shoes to your hiking poles. A solid pair of hiking boots is strongly encouraged.


Everyone (including children) visiting MERUS Adventure™ must sign a waiver. These are sent out with your reservation or can be completed at the front office.