at MERUS Adventure™

Glamourous + Camping = Glamping

Enjoy the thrill of camping with none of the hassles! Come stay in one of our glamping tents and leave the work to us.

Furnished with a queen bed, linens, tables, chairs, lights, water, and a toilet, these sites have everything you need for a wonderful night camping.

Our glamping tents are built on 16’x20′ platforms that allow for plenty of room to relax on the porch and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and get you up off the dirt and grime.

All you have to do is show up and bring some good food! You have not experienced the true beauty of a Texas sunset until you’ve stayed at one of our incredible glamping locations.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Booking:

Each individual in your party must have the appropriate park pass for each day that they will be in the park. “Canyon Passes” must be purchased for each vehicle, that will travel beyond the designated boundaries, for each day. Find our more about park Passes

Your trip is booked! We will see you soon!

Things to Remember Before Your Visit...

Review Our Park Rules

In order to stay true to the preservation of the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon, and the user experience, we ask all park visitors to abide by a simple set of agreed upon rules.

Pack-In & Pack-Out

At MERUS, we take the cleanliness of our park extremely seriously as do our members. We ask that you do your part and always pack out what you pack in. Pick up your trash and dispose of it at the dumpsters provided at the park entrance.

Sign Your Waivers

Each individual in your party, including minors, must have a signed liability waiver upon arrival at the park. These waivers are applicable to the attached visit only, and can be found in your confirmation email or your reservation portal.

No Live Fires

Due to our location and the dessert environment the use of naturally burning fire sources (wood, charcoal, etc.) is strictly prohibited at the park.