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Merus Adventure™ Park is located 35 min South-East of Downtown Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle located in Palo Duro Canyon, the 2nd largest Canyon in North America.

ADDRESS: 4510 County Road 9 Claude, TX 79019

DIRECTIONS: Where FM 1258 intersects with CR 9, stay south on CR 9 you’ll pass the Figure 3 Ranch with the “Cowboy Morning” sign and you’ll go ALL THE WAY down that road. There is a Hay shed at the end of Co Rd 9 (about a mile down) with double swinging metal gates, that is where the park entrance is.

  • Office Hours:
    Tuesday – Sunday: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
    Offices are Closed Monday
  • Public Park Access
    Thursday – Sunday
  • Member Park Access
    Monday – Sunday
  • Trail Hours:
    8:00am – 10:00pm SHARP no exceptions
  1. Yes we are under a burn ban. This includes all natural burning fire and propane fire pits.
  2. Only propane cooktops have been approved for use at MERUS.
  3. There is a BURN BAN FINE of $500 per instance for any fire at MERUS Adventure™
  1. Campsite check in is from 2:00 – 6:00 pm
    1. You can check in to the park as early as 8:00 am for trail usage, but your campsites may not be available until 2:00 pm.
    2. All guests MUST arrive by 6:00pm.

Guests who are unable to arrive by the 6:00 pm check-in time, may camp in the trailer/truck overnight lot, located just inside the main gate with approval from the MERUS office.

    1. Campsite check-out time is 10:00 am
  • All sites must be cleared and free of all trash. 
  • Any campsites not properly cleaned/packed-out will be subject to a $250 littering fine.


  1. Yes, if you plan to off-road on the day of your checkout, you need an off-road pass and must still clear your campsite by 10:00 am.
  2. You may stay in the park till 5:00 pm at which time you must leave
  1. To Off-Road or visit MERUS Adventure™ you must have one of the following:
    1. An Active Adventure Club Membership

  • For Non-Member Access 
    1. An Accomodations Reservation
      1. Campsite, RV Site, Cabin, or Glamping Site
    2. Group Reservation
      1. 3 rig minimum
      2. Link to Group Booking Information Page
    3. Guided Public Tours
      1. We offer guided tours every Saturday
      2. Link to Guided Public Tours Information Page
    4. Private Guide Reservation
      1. Private Guides are available for $500 (6 rigs or 12 person MAX)
    5. Come to an event at the park and have a valid event ticket
  1. $15 campsite/rig/night
  2. $30 off-road access/rig/day
  3. $15 radio rental 
  4. $12 Adult Access/adult/day
  5. $6 Kid Access (12 & under)/kid/day


Example: 2 adults, 2 kids, camping 2 nights, with 1 vehicle off-road access:

  1. Campsite: $15 x 2 nights = $30
  2. Adult Access: ($12 x 2) x 3 days= $72
  3. Kid Access: ($6 x 2) x 3 days = $54
  4. 1 Vehicle Off-Road Access: $30 x 3 days – $90
  5. TOTAL: $246
  1. Green/Beginner:
    1. For those new to off-roading. 
    2. 4WD vehicle required
    3. Minimal to no vehicle modifications necessary
  2. Blue/Intermediate:
    1. For those interested in a more challenging off-road experience.
    2. 4WD vehicle required
    3. Light vehicle modifications recommended
      1. Off road tires & small vehicle lift (2” or less)
  3. Black/Advanced:
    1. For those with off-road experience looking to further develop their skills
    2. 4WD vehicle required
    3. Vehicle modifications recommended:
      1. Minimum 2” lift, 35” tires
  1. MERUS uses a color-coded trail rating system similar to skiing
    1. Green – Beginner
    2. Blue – Intermediate
    3. Black – Advanced
    4. Double Black – Highly Experienced
    5. Purple – Expert


  1. MERUS color coded system compared to standard numerical trail rating system:
    1. Green = 1-2
    2. Blue = 3-5
    3. Black = 6-7
    4. Double Black = 8-9
    5. Purple = 10

No, we do not sell individual day passes. 

  1. No, you must have a reservation prior to coming to the park.
  2. All bookings MUST be made online
  3. We do not take reservations over the phone
  1. Yes. 
  2. Dogs must be leashed and remain in your full control when at the park. 
  3. Be sure to pick up after your pet.
  1. A 4 wheel drive vehicle 
  2. A working Fire extinguisher (We Sell these at the office for $30) 
  3. GMRS radio. (We rent these at the office for $15)
  1. No.
  2. Only Full sized vehicles allowed. 
  3. Absolutely no atvs, utvs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, etc are allowed on the property.
  1. The primary source of power must be peddle.
  2. Full electric E-bikes are not allowed.
  1. The trails close STRICTLY BY 10:00pm. 
  2. Anyone caught wheeling on the trails after 10:00 pm will be in violation of park rules and will be fined $250 and be subject to removal by park officials with no refunds issued.


No trail blazing is allowed at MERUS Adventure™

Violators will be fined $1,000 and be immediately removed from the park with access revoked for future visits.

There is ONE area in the park called “The Playground” where you may make your own obstacles and trails


  1. Bathroom & shower facilities will be available starting April 1, 2023.
  2. Portable restrooms are available at the park entrance and Rec Center
  3. No restroom facilities in the canyon
  1. Leave no trace principle (Click Here)
    1. Pack-In/Pack-out ALL materials, supplies and waste
  2. Trash dumpster available at the main gates, no others on property.
  1. Campsites
    1. All campsites are primitive (no water or electricity)
  2. Electric & Full Hookup RV accommodations are available
  3. 1 Dry cabin (No water or electric)
  4. Full cabins (water & electric) Available as of May 2023 
  5. NO fuel, food, propane or other amenities are onsite
  6. PACK IN PACK OUT all materials needed for your stay

The closest gas station is in Claude, Tx, 15 miles from the park gates.

  1. Only Full Hookup Reservations may dump at MERUS
  2. Electric or Boondocking RVs closest dump:
    1. Triangle RV Park – 15 miles away in Claude, TX
    2. Open 24/7 and $15 fill/dump
    3. Call Chris: 806-433-5671 before arriving to fill/dump your RV
  1. MERUS is a self-recovery park, however we have a recovery service.   
  2. RECOVERY FEE: If you need recovery from MERUS staff, there is a $250 recovery fee for the first 90min. It is $100 for every hour after.
  1. Weekly on Saturdays @ 9:00am
  2. Beginner/Intermediate available:
    1. Tours may not be running during other organized MERUS events

Check the Event Calendar for special event weekends

  1. Yes. 
  2. You can book a private guide for Off-Road Trails or a Caves
    1. $500 for 6-7 hours. 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
    2. Max 6 rigs or 12 people total
    3. Contact MERUS office for bookings
  1. Yes. We have a trailer lot at the main gates to park your tow vehicle and trailer for your stay free of charge
  2. Towing trailers are not allowed at campsites (RV sites OK)
  1. Vehicles left at the main gate do not need to pay a park access fee.
  2. The additional person would be considered a passenger and charged as such
  3. All passengers must still sign park access waivers

33s, 2” life, rock sliders, skid plates, recovery gear (tow strap/winch), fire extinguisher, GMRS radio.

35-37s, 2.5” lift, rock sliders, skid plates, 1 set lockers, recovery gear (tow strap/winch), fire extinguisher, GMRS radio.

  1. Cancellations or changes to your reservations can be made at any time.
  2. Full Refunds will only be issued outside of 30 days from the reservation date.
    1. NO REFUNDS ISSUED inside of 30 days of reservation date
  3. Within 30 days, only rain checks will be issued. 
    1. You can modify your reservation at any time, free of charge, and based on availability of the new requests.
  1. Weather plays a major factor in the conditions at the park and therefore the safety of our guests. 
  2. In certain weather conditions the park is unsafe and will be closed until conditions improve to a safe level. 
  3. Park officials will notify the Park guests VIA communications channel GMRS#6 of any closures and re-opening of trails due to weather conditions.
  1. No firearms are allowed on the property of MERUS. 
  2. Absolutely no discharging of any firearms on the property at any time. 
  3. We display the correct Texas law signage for the park and any violators will be prosecuted
  1. Yes. We host many events at Merus. 
  2. Contact our Events Director for more information.
    1. Molly Naylor
    2. Molly@merusadventure.com
  1. Yes. 
  2. Contact our Events Director to coordinate your corporate retreat at Merus.
    1. Molly Naylor
    2. Molly@merusadventure.com
  1. We are currently developing Stage-5 Driving Experience designed to build your driving skills and grow your confidence driving all off-road trails.
  2. Try one of our Saturday tours for a taste of what our offroad guided experiences will entail.
  1. Yes
    1. Group bookings can be made for up to 30 vehicles
    2. Groups of 30 or more rigs will need to contact the MERUS office to discuss hosting a private a event or arranging special accommodations
    3. All Groups can book their trip online at https://merusadventure.com/group-booking/
  1. Yes. We have scheduled seasonal hunts for Mule Deer and Aoudad (Barbary Sheep).
  2. Spaces are very limited. 
  3. Hunting dates are set and determined by MERUS Adventure™ only
  4. We DO NOT lease out the property for hunting
  5. Contact our Operations Director 
    1. Casey Bronson
    2. casey@merusadventure.com

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Based on 247 reviews
Charles J Leggett
Charles J Leggett
May 15, 2023.
Had a blast. With friends, it was a great off-road experience and getaway. Very accommodating, we had plans for a guided tour for the Saturday, but plans changed with the expected weather coming in. Came in on the Friday instead. ( remember no refunds ) We did part of the green and blue trails, suggested by the receptionist, Molly. It was fun with obstacles with amazing views. This will definitely test your driving skills. They are working on more accommodations, (bring all your own water and food). We had all stock jeeps in our group of three self guided, every beautiful country side can’t imagine this canyon is so large in the middle of all the plains, enjoyed the views!
May 10, 2023.
Challenge yourself & get outside of your comfort zones. Great guides you can hire or ride with, very well ran by staff. Be sure to take your own air machines for your tires (no electricity or water).
Melissa Baker
Melissa Baker
May 9, 2023.
Where can I even start? First off, the process to book a group with Molly is hands down one of the easiest people to work with. Any little hiccup she was on top of it and her smile shown through the phone. Getting there… she was very helpful in helping me get my group squared away and even though she was busy, I never thought I was an afterthought. Now let’s talk Merus. AMAZING! This is the place anyone from a parking lot princess to a trail queen can have a blast. The trails are all challenging in their own way. It’s obvious the folks at Merus take that park seriously and want to make sure groups of all sizes and levels have fun. We with Jeep Girl Mafia, TX Panhandle chapter will be back most definitely be back. Thank you, Molly! You are fabulous to work with and keep doing what you’re doing! It works!
Kurt Mittendorf
Kurt Mittendorf
May 8, 2023.
The park was well worth the 350 mile drive from Mansfield, and the off-road experience driving our Ford Broncos throughout the gorgeous Palo Duro Canyon was fantastic & exciting. Additionally, our staff liaison, Molly, was the most helpful and wonderful person imaginable. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the park and surroundings, but she just exudes warmth, hospitality and genuinely cares about you having the best experience possible. If 6-stars were an option, I'd have rated it as such!
Roger Wagner
Roger Wagner
May 8, 2023.
Great blue/intermediate trails on the guided tour, fun and challenging. Guide did a good job advising and spotting. Friendly staff, we’ll be back.
Sam Cruz
Sam Cruz
May 8, 2023.
Our first ever off-road experience. We initially signed up for a green tour and at check in we decided to do the guided blue tour. The best experience ever and we look forward to seeing all the updates that they have planned.
John Brown
John Brown
April 30, 2023.
Absolutely top notch! Great trails! Really had a great time and learned a lot on the guided trail tour. The accommodations were great and the staff were the best you will ever encounter! Thank you Casey and Molly for a really great trip.
April 30, 2023.
This place is great. Everything was perfect. The service awesome (Molly)! I did the guided tour (tour guide Jeff) and it was amazing! I also camped at one of the camping point spots above the canyon at the views were top notch. Looking forward to going back.
Richard Silva
Richard Silva
April 30, 2023.
Merus Adventure Park is a beautiful canyon with well maintained trails and markers. We just wrapped up the TrailRecon Challenge and it was a blast. We spent three days, two nights, and the first day was cold and rainy. Despite the rain, the trails were ready to run after a few hours and had very little mud. The canyon seemed to drain exceptionally well. We will be back for another long weekend full of adventure at Merus.
Dino Dato-on
Dino Dato-on
April 25, 2023.
The tour guide was very surprised how capable the Outback Wilderness performed on the green and even on some of the blue offroad trails. We had a wild ride adventure and totally worth the experience.