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Cave Excursions

Join us for one of our amazing guided cave tours! These tours take you on an adventure of a lifetime discovering the world underneath the canyon!

We start the day off with some mild off-roading to reach our destination. There are several caves throughout the property that require off-road driving to reach.

Once we arrive, take your chance to step where humans haven’t been for decades and see the incredible history for yourself! These caves are “wild” and untouched. With that comes the chance to witness pure and unfiltered nature.


Cave tours are MERUS are primarily offered twice a month but are dependent on several factors including weather, number of people signed up, and the structural safety of the cave. Click the link below to see ourcalendar of dates and schedule your trip!

Our cave tours start right on time at 9:30 in the morning on Saturdays (when scheduled). Please be on time so as not to delay the rest of the group. On average, the tour will last 5-6 hours and includes a break for lunch halfway through. 

You must have or ride with someone who has a 4×4 full-size vehicle as mild off-roading is required to access the caves. 

Caving can be a dangerous activity and we strongly recommend you take that into consideration before booking. There are small spaces and several physically demanding moments that require a calm mind and strength to move your body weight. Children 10 & up are welcome but must remain with their guardians at all times. No exceptions. 

Please be sure to check your confirmation email for all details after booking. Be sure to back a good lunch and bring plenty of water! 

Things to Know

Good Shoes & Clothing

Sturdy shoes and clothing that covers your skin and offers protection are required. We encourage the use of gloves as well.


A fully charged and reliable headlamp is a necessity to keep your hands free and ensure everyone has proper lighting in dark places.

Good Physical Shape

Being in good physical shape and able to fit into small places as well as climb down and out of steep places is a must.

Cave Waiver

You must agree to and sign an additional waiver specific to our caving activities to be able to participate in the guided cave tours. No exceptions!

Please Note: A change of clothes is recommended as cave tours can get very messy. Tight spaces and the need to crawl/squeeze through spots could result in damaged clothing.