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Cabins at MERUS Adventure™

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In the Texas Wilderness

Enjoy the thrill of coming to MERUS Adventure™ with none of the hassle of camping! Come stay in one of our incredible cabins.

Each cabin offers incredible views and a wonderful location to hang out with friends or family. Enjoy the day out on the trails and come back to relax on a spacious porch as you watch the sunset.

We offer dry cabins and full cabins at MERUS. Dry cabins do not have water or electricity but still have plenty of amenities. Our full cabins have everything you would at home and more!

Looking for your next incredible vacation? Look no further than a cabin booking at MERUS Adventure™!

How to Book Your Trip


Our cabins are priced per night and have a two night minimum.

Cabin parking allows for 2 vehicles at each cabin location.

Adult and child park passes are priced per individual per day.

Off-Road Passes

Off-road passes can be added to any camping/lodging reservation.

Passes are per vehicle per day. No exceptions. (4x4 vehicle required).

Visit the add-ons page before finishing checkout to get your off-road passes.

PLEASE NOTE: Adult fees and child fees are calculated during checkout based on the “guests” you input. Off-road passes must be added before checkout is complete if you plan to off-road.

Off-road passes are per vehicle per day you plan to use the off-road trails.


Park Passes

Park passes must be purchased in addition to camping/lodging accomodations.

Don't Forget

Things to Remember

Pack-In & Pack-Out

At MERUS, we take the cleanliness of our park extremely seriously as do our members. We ask that you do your part and always pack out what you pack in. Pick up your trash and dispose of it at the dumpsters provided at the park entrance.

There is a strict $250 fine for site cleanup!

No Fires!

We are still observing a fire ban at MERUS Adventure™. In the event that the fire ban is lifted, the use of naturally burning fire sources (wood, charcoal, etc.) is still strictly prohibited at the park.

There is a strict $500 fine per instance for breaking fire ban protocols!