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What is MERUS Adventure™?

MERUS Adventure™ is Texas’ premier private adventure park located in the second-largest canyon in North America; Palo Duro Canyon.

We offer world-class off-roading, overlanding, camping, hiking, caving, and more in a family-friendly environment. Our park offers over 6,500 acres of the most pristine and beautiful land in Texas.

Plan your trip now because it’s time to Nourish Your Adventurous Spirit™!

How to Visit MERUS?


MERUS Adventure™ is a membership-focused park. By becoming a MERUS member, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals and families that look after each other and seek adventure together.


Aside from membership, we also offer weekly access to the public Thursday-Sunday. Grab your friends and family and come camp, off-road, join a guided tour, or come experience the thrill of one of our events!

Choose Your Adventure

Cave Tours

Explore the Earth Below the Canyon in Magnificent Settings

Off-Road Tours

Saturday Guided Tours of the Park from Beginner to Advanced Trails.


Build Your Team's Confidence, Communication, and Bonding Through a Turn-Key Retreat


We DO NOT offer solo day passes for off-roading. To off-road/overland, you must have a camping (tent, RV, cabin, etc.) reservation. If you do not wish to camp, we encourage you to view our group packages for options regarding single-day access to the park. 

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February 2023

Customer Reviews

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Based on 184 reviews
Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson
December 19, 2022.
Another great day of off-roading at Merus yesterday. New Gladiator nailed it.
Steve Chard
Steve Chard
December 1, 2022.
Greens and blues are super fun. Can't testify about black trails 😆. Green is fine for stock Wrangler 4x4, as is some of the blue. Rental radios aren't so great. Very friendly staff.
Sherry Pullicar
Sherry Pullicar
November 29, 2022.
What a great time. The owner & employees go above and beyond to make sure you have a wonderful experience. The rain made it a little messy and couldn’t get back to our camp, so went to a hotel for one night till the drop in dried a little. All & All a great experience!!
Steve J
Steve J
November 23, 2022.
Had a blast cant wait to go back and try some more trails. Wish I had a whole week to play around down there.
Heather Moore
Heather Moore
November 21, 2022.
You can be there for a full weekend and still not do all the trails. The camp sites are awesome. The trails are fun and starting to get better about being marked. We missed out on being able to do a few trails cause they were incorrectly marked and we didn't know it till we were leaving. The views are amazing. And it's a good place for all experience levels
Flint Wood
Flint Wood
November 20, 2022.
Friendly people. Got to meet folks from all over the country. Beautiful scenery. 2nd time there and will go back again!
Eric B Taylor
Eric B Taylor
November 17, 2022.
What a beautiful place!!! The off roading is the best I have ever done. The views are spectacular. The service is the best in the world. It is a 14 hour drive for me to get there, and I will make that drive again and again. I just love that place!
Brandon Turley
Brandon Turley
November 16, 2022.
Just got back from one of the most amazing trips to Merus ever! Highly recommend going here to do anything from camping, to hiking, caving, and of course miles and miles of off-roading. Friendly employees, cabins, overlanding friendly, camping, and so much more! Go to Merus, trust me, you'll love it!
Jake Jacobson
Jake Jacobson
November 14, 2022.
Recently attended a E3 Off-Road event at Merus. Fantastic experience. Tremendous views and tons of potential to this new park. Great trail guides, friendly staff, and a variety of activities for different outdoor enthusiasts. Can’t wait to see where the team takes this park in the future!